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What is Sustainable business?

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What does it mean for a business to contribute to a sustainable world?

How to be a sustainable business?

Both the reformist and transformational sustainable world approaches see the business sector as a (or the) major cause of ecological harms at local, regional and global scales. As a result of that, this sector needs to play a key role in solving these problems.

The actions to take to progress towards sustainable world outcome, including:

  • reducing pollution,
  • increasing efficiency of resource use,
  • investing in new ‘cleaner’ technologies,
  • redesigning and re-engineering products and services to make them more environmentally friendly,
  • engaging with various social actors to improve firm performance in meeting social expectations,
  • transferring modern technologies to poorer nations, and so on

The sustainable business highlights 2 main ways:

  1. The focus is on the business itself
  2. The focus of the well-being + justice sustainable world principle

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