Sustainability pillars

The 4 pillars of sustainability that you need to know

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Sustainability is often stops at just a concept that is good to know, but it would also be better if we could apply in our daily life, and not just knowing it.😁

Today we will be introducing the four pillars of sustainability: Human, Social, Economic and Environmental.

Human sustainability

Human sustainability aims to maintain and improve the human capital in society. On top of that, human sustainability is related the development of skills and human capacity.  Human sustainability support the functions and sustainability of the organization and to promote the wellbeing of communities and society.

Thus, investments in the health and education systems, access to services, nutrition, knowledge and skills are the examples of human sustainability.

Social sustainability

Social sustainability aims to preserve social capital by investing and creating services to our society. This concept includes a larger view of the world  which is related to communities, cultures and globalization.

This is to acknowledge what we do can have an impact on future generation, others and on the world. Social sustainability focuses on maintaining and improving social quality with concepts such as cohesion, reciprocity and honesty and the importance of relationships amongst people.

Economic sustainability

Economic sustainability aims to improve the standard of living. This refers to the efficient use of assets to maintain company profitability over time to businesses.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability aims to improve human welfare through the protection of natural capital.

Sorce: Futurelearn

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