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A recovery path to circular economy post COVID-19

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In the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Government around the world has put in a lot of money for a recovery that is in alignment with other global challenges. Many see a rare opportunity to build a resilient and low-carbon economic recovery. Achieving this goal requires governments to take critical actions that not only focus on safeguarding national economies during crises, but that also pave the path toward a wider and more resilient economic transformation against future global risks.

The circular economy, as an instrument to decouple economic growth
from resource use and environmental impact, opens up the way for
a resilient recovery.

In fact, circular economy not only addresses the negative impacts of the
linear economy, but more importantly it represents a systemic shift
that builds long-term resilience, generates business and economic
opportunities, and provides environmental and societal benefits.

A circular economy offers a tangible pathway towards a low-carbon and prosperous recovery.

Therefore, circular economy remains highly relevant as new sources of growth and economic renewal.

Achieving such a recovery will require the rethinking, resetting, and redesigning of the economy from one that is merely reactive in a time of
crisis to one that is prosperous, inclusive, low-carbon, and mitigates the risk of future crises.

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