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How should business thrive post COVID-19?

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Building resiliency to thrive!

COVID-19 has left a severe impact on the business environment, and has changed the landscape totally in Malaysia.

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Many organizations has taken the proactive steps to adapt to the new normal including digital transformation path. However, there are require to manage the inherent risks that comes along.

How can business could thrive post COVID-19?

The new normal include the move to virtual meeting, study and work from home. This is the time where business can  optimize cost by automating and streamlining other processes. But wait, how?

Through strategic cost optimization and process automation, businesses can release resources and focus more on core business activities and address other urgent matters caused by the current economic landscape.

According to Deloitte,  businesses can take these actions to adjust, optimize, respond, and prepare for the shifting new landscape:

  • Implement strategic cost optimization by streamlining and reducing inefficiencies, infrastructure modernization, and restructuring.
  • Implement physical optimization through stacking and computerization.
  • Automate highly manual and resource intensive tasks through the use of digital technology.

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