Love the environment, and love yourself!

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“Love the Earth as you would love yourself.” – John Denver Happy Earth Day!

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A growing concern nowadays has been global warming. Learning to love the earth we have because it’s the only one we got. Due to COVID-19, we are more aware of the effect we have on nature and the change that is occurring due to this, and many of us are seeking change.

Love the earth is an act of self-love, which means love yourself.

10 Ways to Love Yourself and Nature

Practicing self-love is the hit things these days. Take some inspiration from this list, and take some time to love yourself and nature.

1. Take a break and go outside for 10 minutes. Take it all in. Breathe deeply, focus on something beautiful, feel your feet on the ground.

2. Use a reusable bag when you go to the store. Say no to single-use plastic!

3. Go for a hike on a local trail and turn your phone off while you’re doing it.

4. Use a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water.

5. Stare up at a starry night sky.

6.Donate to an environmental organization that works to protect and conserve.

7. Create a nature journal and use it to draw or write about what you see when you’re outside. Be sure to include affirmations and quotes that speak to you.

8. Volunteer with a local environmental organization.

9. Fix something, don’t toss it away!

10. Take time everyday to tell yourself and Mother Nature that you deserve and are worthy of love, appreciation, and respect.

Adapted from Wander Woman.

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