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10 ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle in Malaysia

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Find out everything you need to know about sustainable lifestyle in Malaysia, and how to start. In this post, we will share what is sustainable living means, why it’s important and how you could live a more sustainable lifestyle. And you can start to live a sustainable lifestyle in Malaysia. Here’s how!

Nowadays, people are starting to come around to the idea that we need to become more sustainable to protect the Earth for future generations, especially during this pandemic.

Everything you do in your life has an impact on the planet, from the food you eat to your car.. Don’t get us wrong! This doesn’t mean you should only eat vegetables. Although, you could try consuming more vegetables. A small changes could help to lessen your carbon footprint, and environmental impact.

What is sustainable living?

Sustainable living involves reducing the use of Earth’s resources to help protect it. There are a number of ways you can choose to embrace sustainable living, including changing your diet, using environmental-friendly products or even just use less energy!.

In short, to live a sustainable lifestyle you should try to limit the impact on the Earth , while also being cautious to use and replace the resources you do use.

Why is living sustainably important?

At the moment, we are producing resources, using energy and creating waste at a rate which isn’t sustainable.

This leads to environmental issues, such as pollution and climate change, which cause harm to the environment, wildlife and humans.

By making some small changes to your lifestyle, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help to tackle these issues.

How to live a more sustainabile lifestyle

If you want to start a more sustainable lifestyle but don’t know how , try some of these 10 tips below to live a sustainable lifestyle in Malaysia:

1. Save energy

You can help to reduce carbon emissions by using less energy. There are a number of ways you can save energy at home, including switching off electronic appliances when not using it, hanging clothes under hot sun to dry instead of using a drier, or choose an energy saving electronics appliances.

Solar panel
Using solar energy is one of the alternative!

2. Eat less meat.

The production of meat is one of the biggest contributors to climate change and the pollution. By eating less of it, you can help to reduce the impact the meat industry has on the Earth.

3. Use renewable energy

If possible, consider powering your home using renewable energy to reduce the amount of carbon emissions you produce. Although this might be an expensive investment at the start, you may start considering this option when you adopt sustainable lifestyle along the way.

4. Recycle and reuse

You can start by recycling by putting your recyclable items in the correct bins. Also, try to reuse products and items as many times as possible before throwing them to reduce waste.

5. Go paperless

To avoid wasting paper, choose to receive letters over e-mail and only print documents if necessary. You could also ask shops to email you your receipt instead of printing it.

6. Grow your own produce

By growing your own fruit and vegetables, you can ensure you’re not using pesticides that will contribute to water and air pollution. This will also help to reduce the amount fossil fuels used to transport produce to supermarkets.

7. Donate unused items

If you don’t use a product or wear a piece of clothing anymore, give it to a charity shop or or to some organizations that you know would make use of it to help reduce waste. For unused clothes, you can send to Sweet Nana Vong if you are in Penang, Sweet Nana Vong help to collect these clothes for charity organizations.

Donation cardboard
Donate your unused items instead of toss it away is a sustainable choice!

8. Drive less

Try to walk or ride a bike if the destination is short instead of driving – it’s better for the environment and your health. This will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

9. No waste

Try not to use single-use plastics. Join millions of people to reduce plastic waste this July! For example, bring your own container when you take-away foods. Or you can choose to repair, fix or alter your clothes in Penang, for example in Sweet Nana Vong in Penang instead of throw it away!

10. Use eco-friendly products

By using green products or eco-friendly products such as natural soap, you can help to prevent chemicals waste which will leave a negative impact on the Earth.

Minimalist beige
Being aware of your daily choice is the starting point of your sustainable living!

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