Beware of tittytainment – The Global Trap!!!

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What is a tittytainment?

First of all, tittytainment comes from 2 words combined: Tits and Entertainment.

The concept of Tittytainment was introduced in The Global Trap by Hans-Peter Martin, an Austrian journalist and former politician.

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Why do we stay in our comfort zone while the rich get richer?

The Pareto Principle ( 80/20 Principle)

The book Global Trap discuss mainly with the effects of globalization. It describes a growing social divide as a result of “delimitation” of the economy and a loss of political control by the state over the economic development, which is increasingly controlled by global corporations.

Besides, this book describe how a global 80:20 distribution already exists in many aspects, and illustrate possible economic, social and political consequences of free trade and deregulated financial markets.

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