BYOC (Bring Your Own Container) The easy eco-tips!

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One of the way I find is the first step to start reducing waste, or single use plastics is

BYOC! Bring Your Own Container!

BYOC  or Bring Your Own Container is an easy way to reduce waste and to embark on eco-journey.

This include carrying your own tote to the supermarket or groceries shopping, or bringing your tiffin container, tumbler when takeaway. The BYOC concept is to ecnourage consumers to bring own jars, bottles or any packaging materials etc. This will save a lot of waste created by disposable containers, disposable cutlery, and disposable cups.

The BYOC concept was first introduced in 2006 by the award-winning London store Unpackaged.

Next time, just remember to:
bring your own container, and ask the restaurant to fill it! You would be surprise, they might be a bit surprised at first, but they will happily do it 😉

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