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How to start sustainable at home with these 10 easy tips?

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We shared the 10 ways to live more sustainable lifestyle in previous post, but some may hesitate and think that’s a lot of change!

For those of you who want to start with small, gradual steps, instead you could try sustainable lifestyle at home, effortless and easy to anyone!

Here are 10 sustainable lifestyle at home that you can practise. Remember, the most important thing is not how far you go, but to start NOW.

The beginning is the most important part of the work. Plato

1.Dry your laundry

We know, dryer is cool and easy. BUT, dryer used a lot of energy. You can dry your clothes under the sun, and save more energy and money too!

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2. Unplug your devices

Let’s admit it, we often neglect or ignore to unplug the device. Unplugging your devices only takes a few minutes, and could saves you money, and can help save the environment.

3. Cook at home, if possible

Restaurants tend to serve our food in portions that are more than we can finish, or just to serve each individual. The high servings could cause a lot of food waste.

We have more control of the portions we consume when we cook at home, such as through meal prepping. Nonetheless, if you want to eat out, try to tabao what you don’t finish for another meal at home.

4. Use reuseable bag

BYOC or just bring a reusable bag with you, or place the reusable bag in your car so that you can always take these with you when you are out for groceries shopping. This could help to save tonnes of single use plastics and save the environment.

5. Buy in Bulk

Packaging requires manufacturing that releases carbon in the atmosphere. Then, once these packaging ends up being wasted in landfills which pollutes our air, water, and soil.

By choosing to buy items in bulk or refill pack, you’re reducing the amount of excessive packaging and decreasing the damage to our environment. It will even save you more money.

6. Grow your own food

Growing your own food can help you limit the amount of times you drive out for groceries. Besides this also encourage your family to eat less meat. Additionally, the plants will help to absorb more carbon as well.

The production of meat is one of the biggest contributors to climate change and the pollution. By eating less of it, you can help to reduce the impact the meat industry has on the Earth.

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7. Recycle, Recycle and Recycle

We cannot emphasize more on the importance of recycling, and to make recycling the habit or your lifestyle. Recycling helps to reduces the need for extracting raw materials which cause air and water pollution, and climate change.

8. Turn off the lights when not using

Remember to always turn off the lights at home when you’re not using them. The same applies to any electronics appliances as well.

You can choose to use the natural light throughout the day as long as you can until you need to turn on the lights. This will reduce your energy use and could turn into money saving.

9. Buy local food

Choosing to buy locally and in season helps reduce the amount of shipping done to supply foods worldwide or out of season. Think about the logistics of shipping all those exported foods or out of season foods. By buying local produce, you also helps to support your local farmers.

10. Use less air conditioning

Air conditioning can be responsible for up to half the energy used in your home. There are a few things you can do to avoid using it that often. For example, use less energy and that could release less heat indoor, thus you won’t feel that hot all the time.

Any of these simple tips at home would be a great way for you at home to start living more sustainable lifestyle at home. Try one of these sustainable living tips and continue to make them as a habit to help save the environment.

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