Mushroom leather, the next sustainable leather solution

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What is Mushroom Leather?

According to Fibre2Fashion, Mushroom leather is a vegan-friendly material used as a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to animal leather.

Mushroom leather is made from mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus.

Mushroon on ground
Do you love mushroom too?

Hermes mushroom leather, could be the one that bring leather mushroom into the light of people’s attention. It is said that this plant-based leathers option have the potential to revolutionize the fashion industry.

According to Smithsonian Magazine , MycoWorks, a California-based biotech company, has created a new eco-friendly, vegan leather derived from fungi. The leather turns mycelium—threads from the root structure of mushrooms—into a material that imitates the look and feel of animal-based leather, reports Jess Cartner-Morley for the Guardian.

“It’s the first time that a company is able to produce a vegetal product which is matching or even exceeding the quality and durability and aesthetics of a natural one. It’s a super achievement,” Patrick Thomas, former Hermés CEO and a MycoWorks board of directors member, said in a statement.

How sustainable is Leather Mushroom?

Accoding to The Vou, the making process of mushroom leather fits the circular economy which is fully sustainable.

This natural fiber is biodegradable at the end of its life cycle. In this process, organic waste streams, such as agricultural waste, are valorized. This mushroom leather can reduce the need for industrial animal agriculture.

Last but not least, leather mushroom is Closed-loop system.

Thus, this mushroom leather is considered sustainable option to leather alternative!

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