Love the environment, and love yourself!

“Love the Earth as you would love yourself.” – John Denver Happy Earth Day!

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A growing concern nowadays has been global warming. Learning to love the earth we have because it’s the only one we got. Due to COVID-19, we are more aware of the effect we have on nature and the change that is occurring due to this, and many of us are seeking change.

Love the earth is an act of self-love, which means love yourself.

10 Ways to Love Yourself and Nature

Practicing self-love is the hit things these days. Take some inspiration from this list, and take some time to love yourself and nature.

1. Take a break and go outside for 10 minutes. Take it all in. Breathe deeply, focus on something beautiful, feel your feet on the ground.

2. Use a reusable bag when you go to the store. Say no to single-use plastic!

3. Go for a hike on a local trail and turn your phone off while you’re doing it.

4. Use a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water.

5. Stare up at a starry night sky.

6.Donate to an environmental organization that works to protect and conserve.

7. Create a nature journal and use it to draw or write about what you see when you’re outside. Be sure to include affirmations and quotes that speak to you.

8. Volunteer with a local environmental organization.

9. Fix something, don’t toss it away!

10. Take time everyday to tell yourself and Mother Nature that you deserve and are worthy of love, appreciation, and respect.

Adapted from Wander Woman.

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Ecological Economics Model

green forest

The shortcomings and the critics of the current model are excessive.

A coherent and viable alternative is sorely needed to sketch a framework for a new model of the economy based on the world-view and principles of ecological economics (Costanza 1991; Costanza et al. 1997; Daly and Farley 2004).

These include the following ideas:

  1. Our material economy is embedded in society which is embedded in our ecological life support system, and that we cannot understand or manage our economy without understanding the whole, interconnected system.
  2. Growth and development are not always linked and that true development must be defined in terms of the improvement of sustainable human well-being, not merely improvement in material consumption.
  3. A balance of four basic types of assets (capital) are necessary for sustainable human wellbeing: built, human, social, and natural capital (financial capital is merely a marker for real capital and must be managed as such).

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The pre-loved (2nd hand) fashion market, will you take it?

jeans stacked up

The truth is, “fast fashion” is a deeply unsustainable model.

The emphasis of recycling rather than tackling the root cause of why people continue to buy and dispose of larger and larger quantities of lighter, thinner and less well-made clothing, consumers are reassured that they can continue shopping as normal.

The rising of pre-loved market

There is an evident case for the development of new business models in fashion industry — preloved or second hand/ resale market, and much is already happening in the area. Looking for sustainable lifetysle in Malaysia? Click here to know more!

However, of course some people do not like concept of using clothing which someone else has used.

Therefore, there might be a need for rendering the previous user invisible by presenting shops and
clothes clean and “fresh”, removing
the notion of “second hand”.

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Where to donate old clothes in Penang?

Do you want to donate your clothes in Penang? Or you want to donate your old clothes in Penang, but don’t know where to donate?

Working from home for while and you noticed that there are a lot of the clothes that you have in your closet?

Sometimes, we make purchases thinking we need them but after a while they outlive their purpose. Rather than just letting these items lay around unused, we can always donate them to individuals that can put it to better use. Let’s donate old or unused clothes in Penang!

This way, you’ll get to declutter your closet and donate old clothes in Penang,  to help someone else, and you’ll also help cut down environmental waste in the long run.

Here is where you can donate your old clothes in Penang!

Sweet Nana Vong

If you have some new or old clothes that you want to donate in Penang, you may contact Sweet Nana Vong.

Sweet Nana Vong Penang


*Sweet Nana Vong located in Tanjong Bungah, Penang. Sweet Nana Vong will help customers to collect old clothes and donate to the needy, at no charge!


Thank you very much for your generosity!

Malaysia’s path to greener environment

forest trail with green moss


Malaysia has made an ambitious commitment to reduce the intensity of its carbon
emissions, notably a 40% reduction (compared to 2005 levels) by 2020 and a 45%
reduction (compared to 2005 levels) by 2030.

However, there are several challenges to this commitment.

Malaysia’s challenge is to decarbonize its energy-centric economy in the face of
population growth pressures and substantial levels of poverty.

The percent emission reduction achieved through various mitigation tools in 2013 (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, 2015)

Figure 1 illustrates the percent emission reduction achieved through various mitigation tools in 2013 (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, 2015).

Malaysia’s Low-carbon policy tools include Strengthen Forest Management and Conservation, Increase Renewable Energy Use and Improve Urban Planning and Promote Public Transportation.

What we need now is sustainable development!

sunshine on tree

Sustainable development is the practice of using guidelines for environmentally responsible or energy saving to create new development or review on the old initiatives. Sustainable development involves satisfying the needs of the present population without sacrificing the capability of future generation to satisfy their needs.

Corporation can contribute positively and negatively towards the sustainable development.

Sustainable development: Not only environment!

The sustainable development is not only about environment, but also meeting the diverse needs of people in different communities, social cohesion, by creating equal opportunity to ensure a healthy society.

Sustainable development also focusses on finding better ways of doing things without affecting the quality of life.

There are 3 components of sustainable development include:

  • Economic growth,
  • Environmental stewardship and
  • Social inclusion.

Thus these 3 components must be met to achieve sustainable development.

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