Top 10 websites to get stocks photo! Don’t miss the No# 8*

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With the rapid development of the Internet, people are in contact with and receiving a large amount of media information all the time. From fragmented reading to watching movies, people’s demand for interesting, simple and quick information has gradually increased.

Here, we sort out and share 10 stock image websites that are necessary for media professionals, mainly including free and paid image gallery sites. With these gallery stock image websites, you can effectively improve your work efficiency.

8 free stock image sites

1. Pexels

Pexels provides a large number of shared image stock image websites, and they are updated regularly every week. Pexels photos are carefully selected from many pictures. Pexels can be said to be the leader of free image sites. Of course, the most important thing is that Pexels provides free stock images and also has a powerful filtering function. You can filter pictures by keywords, popularity, or color. Pexels can download a variety of resolutions, including the size of the original image, it can be said to be an image search artifact.

Website link:


Image source: Pexels

2. Pixabay

Pixabay is a free stock image website that supports Chinese search. Free images are provided here, and images are available for commercial use. Pixabay has photos of different types and themes, such as free background stock images. You can use Pixabay to find the pictures you want, which is a simple and convenient way to solve your troubles of searching for online stock images.

Website link:


Image source: Pixabay

3. Unsplash

Unsplash is a website that provides high quantity and high-quality free stock image. The homepage here will update a high-quality picture stock image every day. There are many works of life scenes here, and the fresh life pictures are suitable for various creative themes.

Website link:


Image source: Unsplash

4. Visual Hunt

Visual Hunt provides a large number of free stock images, many of which are copyright-free pictures that can be used as personal or commercial pictures. The most critical function of Visual Hunt is to find photos by color. If you are looking for a photo of a specific color, just click the corresponding color bar to search for the picture you want. After you select the color, the same color picture stock image will come for you to use.

Website link:

Visual Hunt

Image source: Visualhunt

5. CupCake

CupCake is a stock image website that provides free images. If you want to find free background stock image, then CupCake is a good choice, because the pictures here are thick in color and suitable for background images. The photos here have joined the Creative Commons License CC0, you can use all the photos freely without paying any fees. Click here to learn high-conversion web design.

Website link:


Image source: Cupcake

6. Foter

Foter is also a search tool that provides free images. Here you can find free high-definition picture resources. You can find suitable stock images by filtering a certain theme or color.

Website link:


Image source: Foter

7. Gratisography

Gratisography is a stock image website for high-quality photographic images. The pictures here can be used for commercial purposes. Gratisography updates pictures every week, and there are many fashionable elements, suitable for design projects.

Website link:


Image source: Gratisography

8. PikWizard ** Newly added**

PikWizard is a (mostly) free stock image and video site with libraries that hold over 1 million stock images and videos. All assets are premium, contemporary and completely copyright free.

But what really makes PikWizard unique is the editing tool attached called Design Wizard.

You can check this cool stuff and let us know how it works with you. 😀😀😀 I just checked this out, and its really cool to feature a lot of high resolution picture, and its FREE! 💯💯💯

Website link:


Image source: PikWizard

I believe that the above 7 (now is 8!) free stock image websites can handle many situations. If you still can’t find the ideal gallery on the free stock image website, or you are a perfectionist, you can try to find the ideal stock image on the paid stock image website, which can also improve the quality of your content. So, let us introduce 3 paid stock image sites for reference.

3 Paid stock image sites

9. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a library service under Adobe, including photos, vector graphics, etc. Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. are combined to facilitate the insertion of library resources. You can enter keywords or upload pictures to search for similar images.

Website link:

Adobe Stock

Image source: Adobe Stock

10. Shutterstock

Shutterstock provides library files such as photos, vector graphics, and videos, and can upload images for search. Shutterstock also provides plug-ins, in addition to supporting Adobe CC, it also includes Final Cut Pro, Sketch, Powerpoint, etc.

Website link:


Image source: Shutterstock

11. iStock

Then there is iStock. iStock is an image library of the famous news photo website Getty Images, which provides photos, illustrations and audio-visual stock images, and supports image search. As a paid stock image website, iStock will also provide free photos and video clips for members to use every week, which is indeed a highlight.

Website link:


Image source: iStock

These 10 free stock image websites and paid stock image websites are believed to be able to cope with everyone’s intractable problems in choosing image stock images. After visiting these 10 stock image websites, you can choose a few suitable for your long-term use.

If you find the ideal picture, you can also develop a good habit of collecting picture stock images in case you need it. After all, if you find stock images last minute, you may miss a lot of suitable stock images because of the deadline.

For social media creators, if you want to operate a self-media platform well, of course, you must have the basic skills to find stock images. Now, picture stock image is becoming more and more important. Whether it is design, article layout, pictures for web design, or film production, pictures are needed. In addition, the copyright of pictures is something that the media must pay attention to, because the consequences of misusing the copyright of pictures are very serious. So, everyone must be careful. Of course, there are also many high-quality stock image websites that provide free stock image and copyright-free images.

The so-called “a picture is worth a thousand words”, whether it is website design or graphic design, good pictures or photos can give the finishing touch, not only adding points to the overall visual effect, but also good photos can make lasting impression. Therefore, you must not ignore the details of a good picture can do!

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