How do we avoid falling into The Global Trap or Tittytainment?

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According to medium, these are some warnings signs of you falling into Tittytainment traps:

The Global Trap

So, how to avoid the tittytainment?

1.Keep improving

We need to continuous learning, and improve ourselves. Otherwisour critical thinking will diminishes as we spent most of our time steering on the screen without learning anything.

2. Don’t fall into “little satisfaction”

People goes shopping and buy a lot of small unneccesary stuff or items, just because those items are put on sale for example: buy 1 free 1, or 50%. These small money could buy you a book or improve yourself through classes or some courses, or even you could buy stocks or make some small investment.

3. Be competitive

YOU should not settled. A healthy competition is good to drive us for continuous learning and continuous improvement. This will help to create a competitive environment where you will constantly push your limits and go beyond.

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Beware of tittytainment – The Global Trap!!!

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What is a tittytainment?

First of all, tittytainment comes from 2 words combined: Tits and Entertainment.

The concept of Tittytainment was introduced in The Global Trap by Hans-Peter Martin, an Austrian journalist and former politician.

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Why do we stay in our comfort zone while the rich get richer?

The Pareto Principle ( 80/20 Principle)

The book Global Trap discuss mainly with the effects of globalization. It describes a growing social divide as a result of “delimitation” of the economy and a loss of political control by the state over the economic development, which is increasingly controlled by global corporations.

Besides, this book describe how a global 80:20 distribution already exists in many aspects, and illustrate possible economic, social and political consequences of free trade and deregulated financial markets.

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